who we are


With its many years of combined professional experience on web and mobile development, IQ KOD has been around for the better part of 2010’s. Team members have been in the digital arena as doers, enablers, problem solvers and leaders. Our expertise in cloud platforms, startup ecosystem, software development, B2B needfinding, payment structures and e-commerce integrations promise you a frictionless sytem from the ground up. Then again, let us not talk about ourselves much more but hear, read and learn about us from the content clients we were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with.

IQ KOD Yazılım,IQ KOD SOFTWARE, mobil,entegre

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader and pioneer company in the field, which is known for its success and quality in both national and international platforms, produces software solutions for business life problems, directs technology and sector with its unique solutions, creates permanent differences in regional and global terms.

IQ KOD Yazılım,IQ KOD SOFTWARE, mobil,entegre

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality and reliable solutions that meet the needs of its customers in the best way possible with different and innovative approaches compatible with software development, project growth, system integration and developing web technology.

What We Do

We help successful businesses to initiate, escalate their game and launch business they created to great effort.

How We Do

We use our expertise for long-lasting infrastructural development, make sure it is stable and provide businesses with cutting-edge tech.


We were very lucky to have the chance to work with exceptional and hardworking businesses. Listen to them.