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IQ KOD Yazılım,IQ KOD SOFTWARE, mobil,entegre
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What We Do

We help successful businesses to initiate, escalate their game and launch business they created to great effort.

How We Do

We use our expertise for long-lasting infrastructural development, make sure it is stable and provide businesses with cutting-edge tech.


We were very lucky to have the chance to work with exceptional and hardworking businesses. Listen to them.

Back-End Development

Your business deserves to be handled nothing less than perfectly. Exceptional engineering practices, business oriented solution providing, customer tailored infrastructural and software improvements and industry-wide expertise is what makes IQ-KOD a reliable and stable back-end partner for your organization.

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Front-End Development

Whether it is the product or the business itself , it should shine through at first sight. Great businesses and remarkable products deserve the best software craftsmanship, pixel-perfect technical usability and the highest quality of code in web development.

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IQ KOD increases the ability of businesses to deliver applications that work flawlessly and services that operate seamlessly at high speed. Evolving and improving businesses and products at a faster pace than traditional processes.

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IQ KOD Yazılım,IQ KOD SOFTWARE, mobil,entegre

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Cloud Services

Cloud service provider is a third-party company that provides a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application. In some places, a home resident pays as much as the cloud services they use for use, as is the case for electricity connection.

Web Development

There are two types of web developers: front and back end developers. Back-end developers, visual design manufacturers are required to come to code. Front end web development, html and CSS, as well as other programs, such as Javascript on skills.

Project Management

Project Management is the planning, reporting and control of project activities to achieve project objectives. When performing these activities, performance, cost, time limits should be kept and project size should be kept within acceptable limits.

Mobile Development

The Mobile App is a software application specifically for the location of devices in small and wireless computing, such as smartphones and tablets online, with a desktop or design.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of detailing and examining the smallest parts of a particular job. Collecting, evaluating and organizing of information related to all the different jobs within the organization.

Product Design

Industrial design is the appearance of human senses, such as lines, shapes, colors, shapes, textures, resilience, or ornament of a whole or part of a component, and various elements or features that can be detected.


Businesses deserve to be handled flawlessly. Exceptional engineering practices of IQ KOD provides you with tailored back-end solutions that are globally reliable and stable.


The product or the business; either of the shines at first sight. Businesses and products alike deserve the best software craftsmanship and the highest quality of code.
IQ KOD Yazılım,IQ KOD SOFTWARE, mobil,entegre


The heart and soul of the business and the product is right at the core of the technology we use. Tailored for the needs, perfected for the market, presented for the best teamwork.


Store, access and maintain the core of your business and product with latest available technologies provided by IQ KOD and its partners that transcend traditional database solution with modern approaches.